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Unknown Planet Detected


Interstellar Factors

May 13th 2021 - At approximately 1600 hours standard Terran time C.H.I. Deep space Telemetry satellites detected an unknown signal coming from beyond the outer reaches of the Alpha Centauri system. Initial triangulation Placed the Signal's origin point Approximately 5,000km outside the system in an originally unmapped section of space.<br>Observations made by the Sublight Wayfarers, a group dedicated to research and mapping of the stars, indicated that the exo-planet now named LV-648 existed in a state of near perpetual darkness. However signs of life, faint as they may be, were evident planetside in the form of massive bandwidth transmissions in an unknown signal format.<br>Long range refractory imaging indicated a thick but extremely toxic atmosphere consisting of primarily : 48% CO, 26% SO₂, 15% BF₃, with the remainder being in a state of chemical flux.<br><br>Approximately 2 weeks later a probe (CHI: CHI-166-P “Wanderers Luck” small grid survey platform) arrived in the system via the experimental Gravity jumpgate located at a recently allied UFF R&D deep space blacksite. The passive survey took an additional 16 hours and it was discovered that not only were there unnaturally heavy resource deposits in both the exo-planets crust as well as the few large asteroids orbiting them, but that there was a confirmed exo-galactic presence of life in the system.<br>Additional observations over the course of the next week would confirm not only that presence around and on the planet, but its hostility to everything around it, as the survey drone would be forced to perform high-G evasive burns on multiple occasions straining the capabilities of its hardware and sustaining moderate damage in the process.<br>Lacking the personnel and resources for a full scale incursion force It was decided to instead sponsor an expedition to the system. And so the call went out and forces were gathered, the journey into the unknown begins.

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Neutralize Dredger Vessel


Starship DCQ

We have detected a strong Dredger ship signal 100km off the border of Alpha Centauri, this ships needs to be taken care of before it attacks anyone.

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