Space Engineers

Season One Announcement Trailer

General Rules

  • Respect staff decisions / no arguing with staff. (Staff Decision is final)
  • All grids should be named to properly receive support from staff.
  • This is an English-speaking server, please use English in chat.
  • No NSFW chat relating to gore, sexually explicit content, or hate speech to other players.
  • Do not convert stations to ships when built into asteroids.
  • No respawn ship farming.
  • Do not purposefully cause server lag.
  • No abuse of game mechanics to give yourself an unfair advantage and no exploits of the game
  • Do not grief
  • Combat Scripts are not allowed
  • Avoid using conveyor blocks where tubes can be used, staff will tell you if theres an issue
  • No stream sniping

Engagement Rules

  • Factions are limited to a maximum of 8 players
  • No combat use of Bars on combat ships (This has been enforced by game config)
  • Do NOT Foundation Wipe, If you are going in for a raid, try to avoid completely wiping them.
  • Staff members are only allowed to defend and retaliate to PvP combat.


  • Offline raiding is allowed but is highly discouraged
  • Make sure your Grids Name does NOT include NPC otherwise it will be deleted!
  • If you decide to 'own' a specific area of space, planetary body, or asteroid field then expect the staff team to organize an invasion!

Block Limits

  • 4x Build and Repair Systems per Grid - 16x per Faction
  • 4x Drill and Fills per Grid - 16x per Faction
  • 20x Production Blocks per Grid - 80 per Faction
  • 50x Hydrogen/Oxygen Tanks per Grid - 400x per Faction
  • 16x Welder Blocks per Grid - 32x per Faction
  • 16x Drill Blocks per Grid - 32x per Faction
  • 16x Grinder Blocks per Grid - 32x per Faction
  • 16x Reactors per Grid
  • 100x Batteries per Grid
  • 3x Programmable Blocks per Grid - 18x per Faction
  • 20x Pistons/Rotors/Hinges per Faction
  • 200x Weapons per Grid - 800x per Faction
  • 4x Shiva per Grid
  • 10x Archer Pods per Grid
  • 1x Series 8 MAC Cannons per Grid
  • 8x MAC Cannons per Grid

Blacklisted Blocks

  • Warheads Tier 2 - Tier 5
  • Small Gatling Guns Tier 4 - Tier 5